TimberTracks is a software company that improves production efficiency resulting in a cost savings, stability, and longevity for the logging contractor. The software allows contractors in the forest industry to compare their logging company’s performance and identify areas of excellence and improvement opportunities.

Data reliability is of utmost importance and that is why the TimberTracks Suite has been independently validated as being accurate and trustworthy by international giant ÅF-Pöyry. 

TimberTracks merges collected productivity and cost data to produce in-depth reports which show contractors how they stack-up in relation to others in the industry, and highlights how successful they are in achieving their business goals. It gives contractors the insights and knowledge needed to optimize and better organize their logging business.

TimberTracks collects harvesting, road construction, equipment costs, and financial performance data to establish key standards for business performance. Collected data includes operating features specific to work performance, such as ground conditions, species composition, piece size, and financial data such as equipment costs and overhead. The data is combined and searchable and there are analytics applied to create performance standards. It’s everything a contractor needs to know more about their business and achieve more of their goals.

Aaron Sinclair, Founder

Aaron began TimberTracks in 2015 to empower logging contractors to gain data about their business and usage so that they could make informed decisions in relationship to rate negotiations and the way they run their business. He has more than 20 years of business experience from manufacturing to finance to construction. He has worked in senior strategic positions within various organizations to improve business management expertise including operational effectiveness and creation of robust financial management systems.

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